Color uplifting depictions of God’s creation — from blossoming gardens to smiling children — and vibrant cityscapes, with illustrated scripture and quotes to inspire and encourage.

Do you delight in spying cheerful birds outside your window? Are you awed by God’s creativity as your eyes scan the fields alongside a road of quiet beauty? If your soul craves more moments like these, you’ll experience endless joy through coloring the intricate pictures and illustrated scripture in this book. Excite your creativity by filling in creatively rendered cities, gardens, and seas. Reinvigorate your spirit through the uplifting messages of these pages. As you do, you’ll feel happily reminded that God is ever-present and looking out for you, because His love touches everything and everyone.

What's Inside

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"If I could recommend one book about coloring for your soul, it would be Robin Mead's JOYFUL INSPIRATIONS COLORING BOOK...Robin has captured the wonder of coloring, with unique illustrations."—Gayle Gartin
"Each scene makes you want to jump right in and be a part of it, spreading color between the lines."—Kimberly McGuiness, artist, designer,
"Wonderfully whimsical--Robin's colorful work and positive approach always brighten my day. You'll love this book!—Joanna Grant, Mixed media artist
"I stand in awe of Robin's detailed, happy and inspiring designs. These fun, whimsical coloring pages will provide hours of coloring delight for both novice and experienced adult colorists."—Kimberly Elahab, Colorist
"[Robin Mead's] work certainly fills me with joy....Her artistry is a true reflection of her remarkably creative self."—Grace Andersen, Wire Designs by Grace
"Robin's artwork...makes everyone happy. If I'm having a bad day, I just look at one of her pieces and I feel so much better."—Cindy Toste
"Robin Mead artistic visionary whose magical drawings and use of vivid color leave you wanting to see more."—Kim Collister, mixed media artist, Conway, AR
"Robin is not only an incredibly talented artist she is also generous with sharing her techniques and inspiring others to reach for their paintbrushes!"—Art to the 5th: Lorraine Bell, Sandi Keene, Rae Missigman, Roben-Marie Smith
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