You know that Pat Robertson is a world-famous televangelist, but did you know that he’s also an expert in financial matters? In his weekly broadcast segment, “Money Monday”, Dr. Robertson answers viewers’ questions about all things financial. His deep knowledge of finance, based on sound economic – and Biblical – principles, has made him a “go to” resource for hundreds of thousands of CBN viewers.

Now he has written a book that is accessible to everyone and provides answers people desperately need in today’s tough times.

Among the topics he addresses are how to:

Create a healthy financial plan
Devise spending strategies to help you live within your budget
Identify areas where your money can grow
Build a nestegg
Maximize your tax savings
Cut costs
Diminish your debt
Invest wisely
Make prudent financial decisions
Plan for the future
Enjoy peace of mind and God’s financial protection

Right On the Money also includes a financial glossary, worksheets and a special section of the most frequently asked questions & answers about keeping what you have and growing your personal net worth.

What's Inside

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