Winning the Everyday Battles of the Mind!

Life catches us off guard at times. We might find ourselves in doubt, afraid, and confused. Sometimes, it even feels as if we're under attack — and that's because we are! A war is waged in  our minds, and the enemy uses every tool at his disposal to weaken our outlook and our relationship with God. But we have been given the power to fight back. And we must fight back one day at a time, one battle at a time.

In this devotional volume, author Joyce Meyer shares 100 readings that will help you to:
  • identify the distorted thinking of the enemy
  • effectively confront destructive thought patterns
  • find victory in transforming your thinking.
This book offers short, powerful messages you can read from day to day. Each reading offers you strength, encouragement, and, most important, triumph in the battlefield of your mind!

What's Inside

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